Deb Schmidt


God has blessed me and I am so thankful! He has given me humor, love, love of children of all ages, and the ability to communicate. Some people may say I have the gift of “gab,” but thankfully He also gave me the gift to truly listen and see!

Family and Hobbies:
Another blessing…I love my family! Dan and I have five wonderful children that we blended together over 15 years ago. Diana, Megan, Kelsey, Jeff, and MacKenzie. Then we added granddaughters Madeline, Rory, Emerie, and little Miss Charleigh Grace. I love to cook, garden, and create through art, sewing, and crochet. Love, love, love to watch any football, baseball, and hockey with Dan!
Favorite Movie:   It’s A Wonderful Life…the moral of that story is eye opening…it does not matter who you are or how important you are on this earth—even small, good, kind gestures can impact what happens to others.
Favorite Song:  So many, but one that has always spoken to me is To Trust and Obey.
Favorite Scripture Verse:  Matthew 6:8 Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.